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We create pragmatic software solutions for cell therapy manufacturers

We excel in a sector where science meets health, health inspires technology – and together we improve human life.



Autolomous is enabling ATMP Manufacturers to bring autologous medicines to more patients. Using smart technology, we are driven to make this highly-specialised area of medicine deliverable, available and affordable.  


Cells are taken from patients and modified outside of the body and infused back into the patient. Current manufacturing processes are labour intensive and require expensive infrastructure to support complex supply chains. Current treatments cost in the range of £250,000 - £600,000 per patient. The entire process must be rigorous and precise, therefore requires highly trained people to follow a carefully structured process. 


We are working to enable ATMP Manufacturers to drive  “costs of goods” down. Our bespoke software cuts huge amounts of administrative resource that supports the manufacturing process. As a result, more treatments will be able to happen simultaneously while enhancing quality assurance and security of the supply chain and data. The intuitive laboratory-friendly interface pushes data securely to a blockchain platform – the need for a traditional paper-trail is negated. All data is immutable, precise and trackable. The result means everyone in the value-chain is supported by a digital system, one that improves their efficiency and responsibilities.


The over-arching objective is to provide better access cellular medicine. As we continue to innovate and improve the process, we will infuse digital technology for the greater good.


We want to inspire others to better deliver cellular medicines – one patient at a time.

Our ambition is to revolutionise autologous medicines and the accessibility to it.

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Pragmatic solutions for autologous medicines