• Andy Scarth

War in the Blood

In a documentary recently aired on the BBC, "War in the Blood", viewers were given a glimpse into the exciting work that's happening in the field of CAR-T cell therapy, a treatment the BBC describes as "the beginning of the end of cancer".

The documentary follows two CAR-T therapy trial patients and their families as they receive the experimental therapy for their otherwise untreatable cancers. It is a gripping and intense look into the real human stories on both ends of the manufacturing process for autologous medicines. Real, amazing stories of brave patients and families in difficult circumstances, and of passionate and highly skilled medical professionals and innovators. 

For those within the field, the film provides the all-important human context and perspective that can easily fade when you are working far away from the patients. For those outside of the field, it should help them understand some of the potential for these medicines. Each individual treatment a story that begins and ends with the same patient. We don’t know who writes the story, but it has many contributors. The patients and their families, the medical professionals and their hospitals and institutions, and the many individuals and companies that play a part - any part - in producing and delivering the treatment to those whose lives may hinge on it.

Though we cannot - and would not - claim to have played a part in the stories of Graham and Mahmoud, the Autolomous team are all very happy that this field is getting mainstream attention. We are also immensely proud and excited to play some role in helping these therapies to market by providing a product that helps with scaling up the manufacturing of autologous medicines.

One of the biggest bottlenecks in the advanced therapy field is the highly complicated manufacturing process which takes ~10-15days to complete and is dedicated for 1 patient. During the manufacturing process, each of the hundreds of steps must be meticulously  captured in a paper trail. Autolomous' goal is to digitise the data capture process as much as possible, and simultaneously minimise the potential for human error during manufacturing through automatic calculations and self-enforcing procedures and processes. Combined with advancements in the manufacturing processes, more patients can benefit from these life-changing treatments.

A key part of Autolomous' value proposition is our use of blockchain technology to guarantee trusted and immutable records and complete auditability of the therapy manufacturing process. This built-in trust and immutability is essential to enabling the digitisation that is so crucial to scaling these therapies and making them widely available to the patients who need them..


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